BadgerNet Maternity is a full end-to-end, paperless maternity system with an easy to use interface, allowing clinicians to spend more time with the women and babies they are looking after.

It allows real-time recording of all events wherever they occur: in the hospital, community, or home. This includes both high risk and low risk pregnancy pathways. Based on a woman-centred care models, the BadgerNet Maternity system comes with a portal for women to view and access their own maternity records on-line.

With a real focus on ensuring that all double-entry is reduced at all points in the pathway, information carried forward throughout the system, key information clearly made visible, and ensuring contemporaneous notes can be entered at the point of care easily, BadgerNet is designed to fully support both women and clinicians.

BadgerNet Maternity- Early Pregnancy

BadgerNet Maternity is an end-to-end maternity system.  Early pregnancy is part of the scope of the platform, allowing all early pregnancy contacts to be recorded before a record becomes a 'maternity' record.  Units can opt to use Early Pregnancy in isolation or as part of the BadgerNet Maternity System.

BadgerNet Maternity- In the community

With a full end-to-end Native iPad app enabled with online and offline capability, a desktop application that can go entirely offline, and access to national servers anywhere there is a secure connection, BadgerNet Maternity is ideal for recording all pregnancy events in the community or home setting. Once online, all events recorded are available to anyone within your unit, wherever they are based.

BadgerNet Maternity- Care Pathways undefined

BadgerNet Maternity has been designed with a host of intelligent features which can be customised to ensure that it supports local pathways. 

This includes not only the alerts menu, but also intelligent reminders, prompts, and observations which are dependent on what is known about the woman as well as her gestation or outcome. Prompts which support professional guidance and current national datasets are inbuilt into the system. All guidance is updated on a regular basis.

BadgerNet Maternity- In the Unit

BadgerNet Maternity has been designed to allow for looking after women in the unit in an intuitive fashion.  This includes features such as interactive whiteboards, native partogram charts, CTG chart viewing and recording as well as the ability to record all events within the unit. undefined

BadgerNet Maternity- Reporting

BadgerNet Maternity has a variety of flexible reporting tools. Whether a unit wants to run their own queries or use the inbuilt reporting functions, data is easily accessible.  All in built reports are complete with definitions and detailed documentation. Monthly reporting releases ensure that reports are constantly added to and refined.

BadgerNet Maternity- Women's Access

BadgerNet Maternity allows women to access their summary maternity data online. As a fully opt-in process, women can choose to see their pregnancy details on a dedicated iPhone app or over a web browser.

In addition, women can contribute to their record, allowing feedback and birth plans to be fed directly back to the unit and kept in the maternity record.